Our startup program runs officially from mid March 2017. Applicants can apply by filling out the preliminary or final application form below. In order to save time and energy for both of us, we recommend to start with the preliminary form by submitting it to email address. We will review your application and contact you in the shortest possible time frame.

Preliminary application form

In order to get things started we suggest to fill out and send us your short pre-application form (or even send your one-pager instead if you prefer). Important is that we are able to understand your proposed solution/business works.

We must get a sense of what kind of problem you would like to target, what is your value proposition, USP, how your product or solution will function and why you believe that it beats its competitors. We are also interested some of your draft numbers regarding your business and our investment as well.

We will in every case review and within two weeks time we will give a feedback of our assessment.


Final application form

In order to make your final application you have to submit a detailed project proposal according to the call for proposal listed below. We did our best to simplify procedures, yet this can be a complex and time consuming exercise.

Although not a requirement, we suggest to consult the incubator prior to the submission in order to understand the rules and procedures as well as the required content of the application.

Good luck!